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Released: 9th February 2009, Distributed by:
RTD/Universal Music Operations

The ink dries on the next page - Chapter Xiii emerge showing new depth, a maturing perhaps. Recently joined by singer Lee McCrory, an icon on the Bristol rock scene and airwaves in his own right, Chapter reach unexplored heights of rock fuelled passion.
The track, Valentine, stands out like the classic rock song it is; it pounds and it penetrates, its melody clings to the senses, its lyrics stab at the heart. The gravelly power of McCrory's vocal grips the emotions. A story of love and of loss unwinds, sometimes leaving the listener baffled and unsure though wanting to know more. The musicality honed on their last album, "Dream Salvation", ever laser sharp.
The 'B' side, "Just because of you", hints at the punkier side of Chapter, with featured electronica and full on percussion. McCrory growls his way through the accusation with harmonious venom.
This is a milestone product already attracting massive critical acclaim. To be released also is a period piece DVD by "With Light Productions" featuring the moody McCrory and actress Louisa Gilpin which tells the story and asks the questions.

 'Say Something'
Released: January 2009, Distributed by:
RTD/Universal Music Operations


Thyrd Eye, a sibling trio from Monmouthshire, take you on a musical journey through ethereal
metal, head-down grunge and gothic sweetness . with surprise detours (and a little help from
Bob Moog).
At times their songs are brutal and dark . they grab at your heart, set it racing and drop it
down with a dirty great thud. Yet at other times they are as catchy as pop, with melodies that
remain long after the music has ended.
At first is an infectious melody carried by grunge guitars, evocative keyboards and thunderous
drums - but Thyrd Eye are out to deceive - the songs take a diversion which can be sweet or
sour, ear-piercingly loud or soft and fragile. Hard driving guitar riffs stack up against vocals
that turn from screaming punk staccato to sweet and ethereal. They draw sounds from a rich
well of dark rock including Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails and The Cure but bring
a whole new take on the genre whilst never really staying within its bounds.
Say Something epitomises Thyrd Eye's unrivalled assault on music as we know it. Opening
with a crashing riff heavier than time itself, it then moves swiftly into a haunting verse that
leaves you shivering until the chorus comes kicking in. Initially the musical ideas for the song
came from a jamming session, Matt wrote the music and Hannah came up with the lyrics, with
chorus supplied by Matt. Hannah was inspired to write the words as she wanted to convey her
deep emotions and sadness at not being able to have contact with someone very close to her. It
made her want to shout it out in sheer frustration that this was not possible and the haunting
sweetness of the opening lyrics of the song, in a way, contradict this anger.




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