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Thyrd Eye - Single - Say Something

Say Something' is the new single from Monmouthshire Goth rocksters Thyrd Eye; a trio comprising Matt (guitar and vocals), Hannah (bass, keyboard and vocals) and Gaz (drums) that sound more like a quintet - big songs, big energy, big sound!
Thyrd Eye cling to the borders of metal but somehow remain consummately Gothic rockers with their dark yet vibrant take on electric heavy music. Typically staccato in form, incorporating an abundance of light and shade and with a solidarity to die for, Thyrd Eye blast out 'Say Something', 'After Death' and 'My Last Time' here. It's a big single and there's plenty to get yer teeth into as Thyrd Eye kerrang their hearts out with a feisty attitude and raging fire in their souls.
Thyrd Eye give you riffs aplenty, they deliver a percussive storm and the vocals, with the male/female interaction, are nicely understated but well proportioned. At first Thyrd Eye can tend to sound a little fussy and possibly even cluttered but as you listen the bigger picture unfolds and they start to draw you into their metallic world - particularly when you max it out and shake the windows! The inclusion of Hannah's vocals prevents Thyrd Eye from falling into the sticky cesspit of full-on metal nonsense; Hannah's vocal duals ensure that Goth prevails even with the mighty rancid electric onslaught that festers behind the voices. The songs are strong and pretty ballsy and Thyrd Eye's energetic execution injects all the aggression that's needed without losing the plot!
'Say Something' by Thyrd Eye is typical of its metal-esque form; sure it's commercial (to a point) but, there's so much competition out there that I can't help but think that Thyrd Eye are gonna have quite a battle on to push their collective way into the ranks of the front-runners. With only three tracks to judge on Thyrd Eye leave me a little unsure as to whether they've really got the ability to make it through to the top in their chosen genre without finding that little something that sets them apart. As good as they are, I don't think they can just rely on the female vocals to provide to spark - maybe the keyboard should vie with the guitars and play a more dominant role! I'm not sure! Nonetheless, 'Say Something' by Thyrd Eye is a very workmanlike and pretty impressive single and, together with its smaller brothers, 'After Death' and 'My Last Time', the band show that they've got all the tools at their disposal to create quite a storm - in this case I feel that less is not more - I'd like to hear more from Thyrd Eye in order to make a more convincing judgement.
Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (